My role (as everyone at birth space) is to be at service of the woman labouring, creating and maintaining a calm and safe environment so she can feel secure. Knowing that as a doula, and being fascinated by filming I decided I had to invest in a camera that operates in a silent mode but also film in 4K.

The couples that choose to have both services – photography and film acknowledge how they complement each other. The film allows to retell a story with characteristics that only sound and sequence can offer – the first cry of your newborn baby, how you moved and were supported during labour, but photography allow us to freeze moments and expressions forever. The advantages of having just one person doing both are obvious.


  • Birth Photography
  • Birth Photography + Vídeo 
  • Birth Photography + Film 

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My language is based on capturing the environment, the emotions experienced and I give specific attention to the little details of your story.

What you will get is a selection of the most compelling clips and frames that will take you back to one of the most important days of your life.

* On Call  38th-42th week
* Powerful images documenting your journey through labor, delivey and the first 2 hours of postpartum.
* Receive a film within 5 – 10 min. Or just the video clips
* 40 -60 professional edited photos in low and high resolution

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