I am inspired to capture the unique way each one of you are experiencing life.

In that, I focus on getting genuine and full of emotion images. 

Choose what you would like to document and I will join you for a 2-hour session or we can spend a day together and you will get a “One-Day in Your Life” photo registration or video to remember and share in 5,10, 20, or even more years to come.


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  •  1 Event With…
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Family| Lifestyle

A family session is much more than just a meeting to take some photos. It is a unique experience and it will be a living document that will speak about love and chaos as it will capture the little details about your daily life as any other special moments you would like to remember. Essentially it’s about life as it is and it’s intrinsic beauty.

If this kind of session resonates with you, I will be glad to join you at your place or outside. I can arrive while you prepare children’s breakfast and they set the house on fire playing around in their cute pijamas and brush their teeth, or we can meet for a picnic by the lake, a lunch at grandmom’s or even a usual journey to the supermarket.

You get to Choose and I document it in a 2 hours session or we raise our goal and you will have a video of a Day in Your Life to be remembered and shared for generations to come.

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