As a doula and a birth photographer I am completely at ease at your birth space knowing what can help or interfere with the anatomy of giving birth.

With a birth photographer that is also a doula I can assure you that I am there supporting you in FIRST place but you will also receive quality and breathtaking images that you will be proud to share even with your child in the future.

My camera has a silent mode which allows me to take photos and you don´t even notice – you won´t hear the “click” .

At a birth scenario there are moments when the best support we can offer to a woman in labour, besides being present, is stand back and give her some space. These are the perfect moments to capture the images that will show the environment, including the ones you choose to do this beautiful and empowering journey with you.

It´s true that your partner or even the doula can take some photos, but a birth photographer is a professional and that makes an huge difference in the quality you will get in the end (same reason why you don´t rely in your friends to photograph your wedding).


  • Doula | 5 Sessions 
  • Doula at Birth
  • Doula + Birth Photography

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As a doula, I focus my practice on emotional support and collecting scientific evidence information that is relevant to each woman/ couple so they can experience pregnancy and birth in a peaceful way and in trust to  make conscious choices during pregnancy and at the day of birth.

Available to support and help you clarifying information so you can make choices that are not based on fears and (pre) concepts created around birth, but in conscious choices.

With experience in home and hospital births, I developed a support program to pregnant women in which information based on scientific evidence is combined with diffrent practices that will help you to access a place/state that benefits the experience of a positive birth and will help to streghten body-mind system during pregnancy, birth and postpartum


You will experience your birth inwardly and in your mind but it’s an incredible thing to be able to look back with an outward perspective that will show you also the environment and the people that shared those moments with you.

Regardless of where and how you choose to give birth, my goal is to tell each story as it unfolds… giving you tangible memories from one of the most important days of your life.

I invested in a camera that operates in a silent mode so you will not have the “click” bothering you.

Doula At Pregnancy

* 1 free video call so we get to know each other and you can decide if we fit
* Emotional support and information during pregnancy  (comfort measures, birth wishes, Birth Plan..)

Doula At Birth

* 24/7 On Call between 38th- 42th week
* Continuous presence and support during active labor, birth and 2 hours after birth
* 2 sessions after birth – your recovery is important to me and I am available to support you in the first 72 hours after birth.
* Powerful images of labor, birth and postpartum delivered in low and high resolution (in case you request photography service)

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