Why hire a birth photographer?

The birth of a baby is one of the most special and beloved events in your life that now could seem unnecessary to document with so many things to worry about, but after and all those years to come you will give it it´s true value.

When you hire a birth photographer you ensure that everyone you choose to be at your birth space is in fact focused only on you and your well-being and that they will also be included in the photos.

Its the support of these people, all the emotions of labor, birth and the first time you hold your baby that will remain forever so you can remember and share it whenever and with whoever you wish.

Why hire a birthphotographer if my partner or doula can do it?

When you choose a birth photographer to capture this lifetime event you will:

  • Have your team birth included at the photos ( doula, partner, midwife),
  • Hire someone that knows how to operate in harsh conditions as low light
  • You will receive quality and professional work


Can we meet before birth?

Yes, I insist that we do it.  It´s quite relevant that you feel comfortable with everyone that is present at your birth.

Birth requires privacy and intimacy and I recommend that we meet as soon as you start thinking about having a birth photographer, so you can decide if I am the one to be there. To start we talk on a video call and if your intuition tells you to go ahead we meet to chat with a cup of tea.


When will you arrive to the birth place?

If I am also your doula I will be there since labour starts. If you already have a doula, she will let me know once you are in active labour.

(It is also important that I meet the team before birth)

Once you are in active labour you start to be quite focused in the process and you won’t bother at all with my presence also because I have a camera with a silent mode and you won´t hear the typical “click” that can be distracting.

Some of the signs that you are in active labour are:

– Urges every 5 min. for one hour,

– You will need to stop talking or walk during this urges


For how long will you stay ?

I will be there since active labor starts, birth and around 2 hours after birth in order to capture your connection and the typical procedures to the newborn baby.

What about Light?

Knowing the perfect conditions for a woman to deliver and how a strong light can interfere with the development of the birth process I invested in professional gear and my camera is ready to operate in low light conditions. Despite this, we must be aware that light is the main factor to be able to photograph.

Especially if it is a home birth it is essential that I get to know in advance the place where the birth will happen so I can understand what source of lights we might have and together acknowledge other options.

When will I receive the photos and the video?

I always try to send you 2 or 3 images in the first 24 hours, so you can even send to family and friends if you wish to.

The rest of the images will be delivered within 1-2 weeks depending on the work I will have in hands at the time.

The video will be delivered within 2-4 weeks.

What if I just want photos after birth? Like the fresh 48 hours?

I am also available to register these first moments after birth with you, the baby and close family if you prefer so.

This is a register that I can do where the birth took place ( regardless it was at home or hospital) or if you prefer we can also do it at the comfort of your house in the case of being a Hospital birth.

You choose and I will be there for you

What is shared in Social Media?

I will only share photos under your consent.

The images are done for you and I respect everyone´s right to privacy and if for any reason you are uncomfortable with sharing, I will not do it.

We will sign a contract where this item is included and you will have to give me your permission if there are some photos that you don´t mind to be included in my portfolio.

What if I can´t afford it?

I am available to make a payment plan with you that is comfortable for your present situation.



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