Absolutely fascinated with the uniqueness in each human being and the variety of forms each one of us has of connecting with each other, her language is close to a documentary style.

At childbirth, she’s the silent figure that moves to capture the emotions without interfering with the work of the team and the environment established.

To avoid interfering with the dynamic of a family during a session, Susana focuses her attention on planning ahead some activities with the families, in order to ensure that she captures what she values in life: spontaneity and the right to express our individuality.


Photography enters in her life after 9 years of developing beautiful connections with children between 3 months and 5 years old as a pre-school teacher.

While studying photography at Oficina da Imagem and ETIC she was also investing her time exploring the nature of being human with several spiritual teachers as Luis Martins Simões, Tiger Singleton, Eckart Tolle and Brené Brown, among others.

The doula training went far beyond the basic needs of women in labour and since then she never stopped to be fascinated with the variety of birth stories each woman shared with her.

The combination of this 3 main areas helped to develop her natural ability to be sensitive and know how to operate in contexts that require description as to when she’s in a calm and silent environment as birth,  without losing the joyful and energetic presence required in a chaotic but extremely funny family dynamics with children of different ages.